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2LipS - understanding the ultrabuy
We are 2LipS, we play folk music with home made electronics, drum machines, banjo, lab equipment,  and various casio keyboards.  We are Rainbow and Wiggpaw and we stand when we play. 

Upcoming Shows:

Done Shows:

December 27th 2004 @ Upstairs Lounge w/ Shed Shot and Tone Rodent
Aug 4th 2004 @ The Fine Vine in Baltimore w/ M Ax Noi Mach and Phat Cutz
Aug 3nd 2004 @ 2011 Juniper St. in Philly w/ Hippy and Crackhead and Ohm
July 31st 2004 @ Camp Gay in Chicago w/ TArantism, The Bran (....) Pos, and Vertonen
May 1st 2004 @ Guessing Game HQ w/ My Music Atlas and SHed SHot
March 26th 2004 @ Radio Cherokee w/ Blueberry and The Ominous Children
March 6th 2004 @ Radio Cherokee w/ SHed SHot, Dave Stone Free Jazz Unit, and Barry Johnston.
August 30th 2003 @ LNAC w/ Viki, Mammal, Brain Transplant, Tim Beard/Max Eisenberg/Bill Gass Trio, and Dave Stone/Blue McGregor Duo
August 15th 2003 @ Studio Cafe w/ Left Arm and Flat Wheel
August 1st 2003 @ Fort Gondo w/ Shed Shot and Brain Transplant
July 29th 2003 @ LNAC w/ Chinese Stars, Yowie, SHed SHot, and Biblioteca
June 2nd 2003 @ CBGB w/ Nautical AlmanacBrain Transplant, and Panicsville
May 17th 2003 @ a party in Swansea Il w/ Yowie
May 14th 2003 @ Radio Cherokee w/ Japanese Karaoke Afterlife Experiment (cancelled) Prarie Pusher,  and Mach Tiver
March 8th 2003 @ Lemp Neighborhood Art Center with Yowie, The Conformists, and Kip Nash
February 23rd 2003 @ Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center "Art Not War" show with Dave Stone, Jeremy Kannappel, Andrey Ingram, The Detainees, Nineteen, Julia Sets, and Orange Buckets

Wiggpaw Interviewed by Pataphysics Research Journal

Bill here's the new song by wiggpaw called "firefighter" - hit the play button dood.

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